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WWMB – Diversity and Inclusion Chapter

We were delighted to host the Women Who Mean Business event yesterday morning in the very special location at the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin city centre.

Our theme for the morning was exploring the area of Diversity and Inclusion in today’s world and we heard from a panel of thought leaders in this space - Mark Fenton - CEO and Founder of MASF Consulting Ltd, Andrea Dermody - D&I Lead, John Clark - Founder of ThinkHRX, Lisa D’Arcy - Global D&I lead of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and our MC Breda McCague, Transformation Specialist at Bank of Ireland and Co-Founder of LeanIn Ireland. 

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been a prominent issue for the Irish over the last few centuries. This began through schemes instigated by British imperial governments, encouraging the Irish to move abroad to gain employment so that they could build up their colonies. However, a life working abroad didn’t always deliver what was promised.

Irish emigrants faced discrimination in places of employment in many different forms and were often relegated to certain professions and areas.  We felt the historical stories behind this museum were very relevant for the topic at hand.

D&I can have a dramatic effect on an organisation. From attraction to retention, an inclusive culture that caters for people of all different backgrounds, can promote loyalty, help drive down turnover and lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

We were delighted to have a strong representation from a number of companies to name but a few - Ulster bank, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Partner Re, Munich Re, State Street, Citibank and Coca-Cola.

The WWMB network will continue to grow over the coming months and we are looking forward to hosting more events of interest, please get in touch if you want to be connected at

You can sign up here to be notified of our upcoming events. 

Thank you,

Niamh Cornally

Chair of Women Who Mean Business Network

Brian Crooke , Siobhan Sweeney, Lorna Martyn, Sharon Walsh and Laura Kavanagh

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